All Under One Roof

Care starts with a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s condition prior to discharge from the hospital. Each new resident at Center Home is assigned a care team who creates a tailored plan of care; monitors and updates progress communicate with both a resident’s physician and family and sets a discharge date and plan.

Our medical director leads multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare professionals — all highly trained in specialized, dedicated roles. Our goal is to reduce the instance of re-hospitalization and return a resident to their optimum level of health, physical function, and independence.

As your discharge date approaches we may coordinate additional outside services to ease the transition back home and to ensure continuity of care.

Care & Services

Nursing Services

Our dedicated teams of skilled nursing professionals are available around the clock to provide comprehensive, compassionate assistance to each and every resident. Each team is lead by a unit director and made up of registered and licensed practical nurses, wound care and restorative nurses, and certified nursing assistants.

Skilled nursing services include:

• IV therapy
• Tube feeding
• Respiratory
• Isolation
• Wound care

Skilled nursing care is provided when a resident with complex medical issues requires 24-hour nursing care assistance under the direction of an attending physician and consultant. Nurse practitioners manage and monitor difficult cases. This is all part of our commitment to excellence in care, and to fulfilling our goal of helping our residents recover and return home as soon as possible.

For residents in need of short-term nursing following a hospital stay, care is available around the clock until the resident's condition stabilizes and returns to their previous level of optimum function. A short-term stay varies in length depending on the goals of an individual's care plan.

For residents with us for a long-term stay, nursing care is usually needed for assistance and supervision. The focus is on assisting a resident who is not fully independent and may require help with activities of daily living or monitoring of behavior to ensure safety.

Rehabilitation Services

We offer a full range of specialized therapy and rehabilitation services for individuals who require care in an inpatient setting. Advanced therapeutic services address a wide range of orthopedic, neurological and other disabilities, diseases and conditions, including:

• Hip and knee injury for conditions such as a fracture or surgical recovery
• Cardiac conditions such as chronic heart failure and coronary artery disease
• Neuromuscular diseases
• Stroke

Our multi-disciplinary team includes a physiatrist, attending physician, restorative nurse, and therapists. Our highly skilled therapy team is available 7-days-a-week in our specialized therapy gym. We utilize innovative therapy approaches with proven results. An individualized plan of care is created and monitored throughout the therapy regimen with the goal of returning to an optimal level of physical function and mobility.

A note about Short-term Rehab Stays

For residents who will only join us for a short stay to recuperate following hospitalization, we offer our renovated transitional care area with a specialized focus on decreasing 30-day re-admissions to neighboring hospitals. Read more about our accommodations here.

Therapies include:

Physical Therapy – concentrates on improving physical impairment, aids in pain management and helps to prevent future injury. Among its many benefits, it increases strength, mobility, motor control, coordination, balance, range of motion, endurance and ability to walk.

Occupational Therapy – focuses on impairments that limit functional abilities and independence to perform activities of daily living. Our team helps residents to master tasks and adapt to social and physical environments. These include the abilities to eat, bathe, groom, dress, cook, etc. Safety and future injury prevention are also addressed. We assess and make recommendations and modification suggestions for a resident’s home.

Speech Therapy – concentrates on improving communication skills and safe swallowing. Therapy includes treatment for language and vocal expression difficulties, voice control and comprehension improvement. Processing, expression, and memory can also be improved through therapy.

Transitional Care Units

Our remodeled transitional care area provides a greater measure of privacy and quiet rest for short-term residents. Both private and semi-private rooms are available. A dedicated dining room is conveniently located close by. Meals may also be taken in a resident's room.

Respite Care

For those who provide caregiving to a loved one at home, respite care provides temporary relief. Whether for a few days or a few weeks, our staff will provide the very best care during this time, allowing the caregiver a worry free retreat to rest and renew their own wellbeing.

Respite services include skilled nursing care, rehab, assistance with medications and daily tasks, and social activities as the resident desires. Caregivers can enjoy peace of mind and a well-deserved break knowing their loved one is safe, comfortable and in good hands with our around-the-clock staff. We strive to provide the same continuity and quality of care that your loved one receives at home.

Hospice & Palliative Care

Hospice is a philosophy of care that promotes comfort, peace, and dignity for residents nearing the end of life. Care is focused on pain management, symptom relief, and emotional support. Proactively addressing these areas allows for better enjoyment of remaining time with friends and family.

Skilled nursing care is available around the clock and is complemented by our partnership with outside hospice agencies. Hospice personnel provides expertise in managing aspects of suffering — on the physical, emotional, spiritual and social levels. They provide education, support, and counseling to residents and their families and caregivers. Chaplains, specialized therapists, and bereavement counselors are also part of the hospice team.

Palliative care, while often part of a hospice plan, is not only for end-of-life care. It may be used to identify and relieve pain and other symptoms of serious illness or condition. It encompasses physical and psychological support for the resident, families, and caregivers. The goal is to improve the quality of life at any stage of illness.

Specialty Services

Wound Care

Wounds are sometimes slow and difficult to heal. They can result from chronic illness, poor circulation, swollen legs, immobility and more. We provide a wide range of advanced wound care solutions and therapies designed to treat chronic wounds — to help speed healing, prevent infection and increase comfort. Our wound care program is overseen by a specialized team who rounds weekly and includes a wound care physician, nurse, and consultant. We not only treat but place a priority on wound prevention and self-management.

A wide range of wound types are addressed in this program:

• Open wounds
• Diabetic ulcers
• Pressure ulcers
• Arterial and venous ulcers
• Infections
• Surgical wounds
• Amputations

Cardiac Care

Cardiac rehab care at our facility is designed to decrease the incidence of cardiac-related re-hospitalization. Our program is a specialized level of care that aids residents in recovering as fully as possible from many types of cardiac events such as:

• Cardiac Care
• Acute coronary syndrome
• Angioplasty or stent placement
• Pacemaker placement
• Congestive heart failure
• Angina
• Arrhythmias

Our interdisciplinary team is overseen by a cardiologist and a tailored care plan is created that may include on-site technology, rehab, pain management, exercise, family education, and counseling on nutrition, smoking and weight maintenance.

Our main goal is to help each resident enhance heart longevity and return to the quality of life they most enjoy.

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